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The old "scorched-earth" method of divorce only causes pain, while the attorneys profit. Aaron Carnine will seek meaningful resolution, while dealing with that mentality.

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Aaron Carnine was featured in the August 2018 Illinois Bar Journal for the development of OurChildInfo.com Taught a class in Advance Directives in October 2018 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon

Memorial Day Parenting Time

Parenting Agreement language to rotate the entire weekend of MEMORIAL DAY, have the rotation work with Labor Day, and keep track of an every-other-weekend schedule:
“In even numbered years Father will have Memorial Day weekend and Mother will have Labor Day weekend. In odd numbered years Mother will have Memorial Day weekend and Father will have Labor Day weekend. If Father or Mother’s weekend does not fall on their regular weekend then either party’s regular weekend prior to their Memorial or Labor Day weekend may be shifted to include that weekend. Use www.ourchildinfo.com to coordinate.” #memorialday #custody #carnine

Mother’s Day Full Weekend

Mother's Day

Mother shall always have the child on Mother’s Day from 9am to 6pm. Father shall always have Father’s Day from 9am to 6pm . The party being honored has the option to have the full weekend in which that day falls. That option shall be confirmed using www.ourchildinfo.com. If that day falls on a weekend that is not the parent’s regular weekend, the other parent shall have residency on the next two weekends so as to resume the established schedule. #mothersday #fathersday #visitation #carnine