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The old "scorched-earth" method of divorce only causes pain, while the attorneys profit. Aaron Carnine will seek meaningful resolution, while dealing with that mentality.

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Latest News

Aaron Carnine was featured in the August 2018 Illinois Bar Journal for the development of OurChildInfo.com Taught a class in Advance Directives in October 2018 at Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon

OUR. Child

Both parents are entitled to info about their child, regardless of the “custody” terminology. Each is entitled to immediate access to records and information pertaining to the child, including but not limited to, medical, health, school, religious, and educational records. #parentingagreement #carnine #custody #stepparent OurChildInfo.com will ensure that connection.

For Attorneys to add in letters to clients:

OUR CHILD INFO. When you have the opportunity, look at www.OurChildInfo.com — a website designed for the two parents to communicate after the case is over. With the Parenting Agreement or Order, you will have significant communication and notice requirements with the other parent. Only the two parents have access. All posts are name, time, and date stamped. Secure and Private repository of all communication, documents, photographs, medical, sports, educational schedules, grades, availability, plan change requests, etc. Posts cannot be deleted or backdated. Clearly preserve how long an question remains ignored. The log file will chronologically merge all communications in a PDF and the is emailed to you as compressed zip file — containing every photo and document uploaded by either parent. The goal is to eliminate having to re-open the case if communication starts to fail.