Financial Affidavit Complete this Financial Affidavit and return it with a recent pay stub, W2, tax return, and other evidence of income. Hand-write costs using monthly figures where appropriate. If you have a question or explanation for a particular item, hand-write that information. Feel free to add a new category or to modify an existing category to better suit your situation.  With each figure be able to explain how you arrived at that number.

Signature for e-file  One page file for an example of your signature line. Illinois requires electronic filing so I use this example of your for filing.  Nothing will be filed without your knowledge and confirmation.

Property Division Worksheet.  Example property division table and worksheet to track and categorize personal property.

Pre-Mediation Questionnaire  Disputed decision making or parenting time issues must be mediated.  This questionnaire is to be completed by each parent prior to referral to mediation to give the mediator an overview of your situation and requests.  Once completed, return it to me.  It is filed under seal and neither parent will see the other’s questionnaire.

Notice of Intent to Exercise Parenting Time Use this form to be clear and provide proof that specific visitation time has been requested.  Keep a copy for yourself and mail/email the Notice to the other parent.  This is helpful to clearly confirm, for example, selected summer Parenting Time. Using is the better resource for this Notice

Child Support Voluntary Payment to SDU Use this form to send child support payments directly to the Illinois State Disbursement Unit. A new employer will not start withholding child support, you have to be proactive to pay voluntarily.  Child support does not go away and missed payments can accrue interest.

Child Support Income Conversion Table This table is used to convert both parent’s gross income into net income for purposes of determining child support based upon Illinois’ income shares model.

Child Support Shared Income This table is to determine the amount of child support to which children would be entitled when combining the net income of both parents, as determined from the Gross to Net conversion table. Link to child support calculator.