Financial Affidavit Complete this Financial Affidavit and return it with a recent pay stub, W2, tax return, and other evidence of income. Hand-write costs using monthly figures. If you have a question or explanation for a particular item, hand-write that information. Add a new category or to modify an existing category to better suit your situation.  With each figure be able to explain how you arrived at that number.

Property Division Worksheet Example property division table and worksheet to track and categorize real and personal property. Home, retirement, land, vehicles, debts, advance fees, settlement equity.

Parenting Issues – Checklist – Worksheet of parenting issues, themes, anecdotes and focus for your testimony. Use this sheet to develop your case and themes, the goal being to illustrate to a judge the best interests of your child. (Editable RTF format)

Parenting Issues – Exhibits Companion to the Parenting Issues Checklist above. Testimony is is necessary in a contested hearing, but if you have tangible proof and documents to back it up, it will make your testimony all the more credible.

Signature One page file for an example of your signature line. Illinois requires electronic filing so I use this example of your for filing.  Nothing will be filed without your knowledge and confirmation.

Entry of Appearance To represent yourself on your own, the court will need you to file an Entry of Appearance.  This document, properly prepared and filed, will note to the court that you represent yourself and can receive notice of hearings during the process of your case. This document is provided for the benefit of unrepresented people, not legal advice.

Pre-Mediation Questionnaire  Disputed decision making or parenting time issues must be mediated.  This questionnaire is to be completed by each parent prior to referral to mediation to give the mediator an overview of your situation and requests.  Once completed, return it to me.  It is filed under seal and neither parent will see the other’s questionnaire.

Child Support Voluntary Payment to SDU  Use this form to send child support payments directly to the Illinois State Disbursement Unit. A new employer will not start withholding child support, you have to be proactive to pay voluntarily.  Child support does not go away and missed payments can accrue interest.

Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity Request – hfs3416h If you were not married, and at the birth of your child, you may have signed a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP). There is a biological father, but the VAP creates a legal father when a child is not born within the contract of marriage.  Use this form to request the VAP that you prepared at the birth of your child.

Allowance Contract  A fun contract to teach your kids about responsibility to the obligations that accompany the receipt of allowance. Contract includes savings obligations, penalties and contingencies. Teach them about contract language that results in them earning money and learning about money and time management.