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Allowance Contract

Allowance Contract

Terms and Conditions regarding the receipt of Allowance

1. PURPOSE.  This document certifies that Child will receive an Allowance on the condition that the below duties are performed and substantial compliance with this contract is had.

2. DUTIES.  In addition to regular daily expectations of picking up after oneself, keeping room clean, and the personal responsibility and respect that accompanies the benefits of already provided of food, shelter, and clothing, child shall be specifically responsible to the following:

A. Dishes.  Washing daily dishes including all dirty dishes that result from breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other similar meal or use. Except on rare occasion and by agreement with parents, dishes are not to sit dirty overnight. Dishes responsibility includes loading and unloading the dishwasher and putting away clean dishes.

B. Garbage.  Child is responsible for emptying garbage cans and receptacles throughout the entire house.  This includes replacing bags in the garbage cans. It is important that child handles this obligation with no prodding or reminders from parents. Child may utilize any reminders or notes necessary, including the alarms and reminder settings on child’s own phone.  When a garbage bin is at least 65% full, child may empty them.

C. Laundry.  Child is responsible for putting away clothes and keeping clothes in locations in which they are intended to reside. These locations are limited to child’s room, drawers, and closet. Jackets, boots, winter and outside gear shall be neatly organized in the entry rooms, out of the way of foot traffic. Clothes shall never be on any floor. Child is responsible for preparing clothes for the laundry, and putting them away within 1 hour from being advised that the clothes are cleaned and ready.

3. AMOUNT and RATE. The allowance will be in the amount and rate of ___________________________ paid weekly on Saturday or Sunday by cash or check.  No late fees, interest or other penalties shall accrue on late payment.

4. USE RESTRICTIONS.  Limitations and guidelines apply to use of allowance funds. Child agrees to take over responsibility for purchasing unnecessary entertainment items. Child also agrees not to buy or spend all allowance money on any one item, or make any purchases that may go against family values before consulting with Parents. Parents have veto power on all purchases.

5. PENALTIES.  Should a primary daily duty not be accomplished in a satisfactory or timely manner, a pro-rata Allowance amount attributable to that day shall be forfeited. The duties shall still be accomplished as soon as practicable. Certain actions will result in a partial or complete reduction of Child’s allowance at the discretion of Parents. These actions primarily include but are not limited to failure to achieve objectively measured compliance. If substantial compliance still does not occur after the initial loss of a pro rata allowance share, all electronic devices shall be suspended for 24 hours. This provision exists since the electronic devices have notification and reminder features, and if those features are not utilized by child, then there exists no reason for the parents to pay for them.

6. SAVINGS.  At least 10% of the gross allowance, or $______ per month (whichever is greater), shall be set aside by child and saved in a separate savings account. Child is required to account for savings at the end of each month. A $0.50 penalty shall accrue daily for each day savings has not been set aside after the first day of each month.  Despite any forfeiture as noted in the penalties section above, the full amount of savings attritable to that months’ allowance, consistent with what the total allowance amount would have been, shall still be saved.

7. LIMITATIONS. This contract is not intended to reduce or limit the regular daily obligations and common-sense expectations of the child. Those include, but are not limited to keeping books, backpacks, toys and similar items picked up and in good order.

8. TIMELINESS.  The duties noted are to be done at a timely manner and not “at the last minute”.  By way of example, a hurried rush shall not ensue minutes before bedtime. Further, homework remains the top priority to be done before the accomplishment of contract obligations.

9. MODIFICATIONS.  In all cases of disagreement, Parents will have ultimate decision making power over the dispensation of allowance. Modifications to this contract after notice, discussion and mutual agreement. Child has a right to appeal any decision in a respectful and thoughtfully composed written statement, which will be reviewed by Parents but will not guarantee a reversal of any decision. Child may request modifications to this agreement but may not unilaterally alter the agreement. This contract is for 90 day terms and can be revisited on or after 90 days from its entry.

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