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Guest Speaker at JCCC

Guest Speaker at JCCC

Thank you to the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce for inviting me as a guest speaker at the March 2019 event. Impressive crowd of more than 180 head about OurChildInfo.com and its benefits to divorced or separated parents. The Shoppers Weekly then did an article about the presentation.


None of the below apply to most clients. I have had to reference all of the below concepts at one point or another. Don’t read anything into the following points but they are sometimes necessary and do not currently pertain to you.
– Calling and emailing me multiple times does not make me available any faster. I get your messages, (along with dozens of others).
– Being rude or disrespectful to my staff is the same as being rude or disrespectful to me, both unacceptable.
– You have the right to have this firm withdraw from your representation, and this firm has the right to withdraw from yours.
– I cannot make your case go faster or force the other party to agree on what you think is reasonable. Timing is often out of our control including service of process, pleadings response times, discovery response times, court availability, continuances.