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In Illinois, child support is a shared income approach.  Both parent’s income is added together and Illinois presumes an amount that the child should receive based upon that combination.   Each parent is then obligated to pay a pro-rata share of the amount Illinois presumes. Look in the forms section for charts on child support calculations.  child support calculation website. Child support cannot be changed, suspended, or terminated without a court order. Out-of-court-agreements with the other parent to modify or reduce child support are not binding.  A modification of child support can be requested where there has been a “substantial change in circumstances”. A customary method to address the dependency exemption is to rotate it between each parent each year.  It does not matter if the child lives with one parent more than the other, that exemption can still be rotated.

750 ILCS 5/505(1.5) Computation of basic child support obligation.
The court shall compute the basic child support obligation by taking the following steps:
(A) determine each parent’s monthly net income;
(B) add the parents’ monthly net incomes together to determine the combined monthly net income of the parents;
(C) select the corresponding appropriate amount from the schedule based on combined monthly net income; and
(D) calculate each parent’s percentage share of the basic child support obligation.


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