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Discovery is the exchange of written questions and answers (Interrogatories) and the exchange of documents (Request for Production of Documents).  It is a necessary information gathering component of a divorce or custody matter. Requests are made that each party provide income information, pay-stubs, tax returns, investment values, pension and retirement values, checking and savings account records, credit card statements, and lists of personal property.  Sometimes one spouse has historically been in charge of finances and the other may have little knowledge of the marriage’s financial condition.  The discovery process helps answer questions on values, intentions, custodial preferences, and allows each party knowledge and access to the couple’s finances, debts, and expenditures. In preparation for a divorce, compile the last three years of: income tax returns, pay stubs or any other sources of income, savings account statements, checking account statements, health insurance and medical bills, credit card statements, photos of the home and personal property.


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