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Advising the other parent prior to taking a particular action and giving notice of the activities of a minor child is an important element of Joint Parental Decision Making. You cannot fault a party for not showing up to a baseball game or a Christmas play if they were not made aware of it in the first place. Proving that the other party was made aware is also a necessary element in showing that they have notice and then voluntarily chose to not participate in the action or event.  The child should not be used to pass notice of events between parents.  It is not the burden of the child to provide information on activities to the other party. A letter, e-mail, or, a text message is, at a minimum, a good way to pass notice of an event to the other party. Websites that have school and extracurricular activity schedules allows parents to find that information out for themselves.   Use www.ourchildinfo.com as a secure, private, and documented method of providing information to both parents.


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