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Personal property includes clothing, furniture, appliances, electronics, photographs, firearms, tools, etc. Value is based upon current value, not purchase price.  The court values personal property based on what a willing objective buyer would pay.  It is rarely economical to fight about the distribution of personal property.  I do not want to bill $500 in attorney fees fighting over something worth $400.  Take digital photographs of all your personal property to preserve its location, condition, potential value.  Photos will establish the fact that the property actually existed before it mysteriously disappears during the divorce.  It is helpful to identify property in its current condition to avoid accusations regarding the location or condition. You should take pictures in every room including closets, attic, basement, garage etc. Presume that if you leave the home and leave behind personal property, you will never see that property again.

Photos are also helpful in geographically distant custody matters when mom and dad live far apart.  Use www.ourchildinfo.com as a secure method to share photos of children and to comply with any Parenting Agreement communication requirements.


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