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In Illinois, a residential parent cannot relocate (formerly “removal”) more that 50 miles away from the child’s current residence. The custodial parent wishing to move has to prove that the move is in the best interest of the child, not the parent.  If removal is contested, evidence will need to be presented to the Court as to why the move is in the best interests of the children. Factors that the Court considers include the impact on the quality of life for the removing parent and the children, a comparison of schools and activities available, employment and motives of both parties, remarriage and stability of the children, the ability to maintain a reasonable visitation schedule, the involvement of both parents and the activities of the children, and any other relevant considerations.  Warning: in a circumstance where the parents were never married and nothing has been filed in court, the mom may not need permission to relocate.  Call me for a free phone consultation (618-242-3310) on this or any other family law matter.


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